Deja vu

Firstly, many thanks to everyone who has been kind enough to follow the stories about Josiah and Archibald (and now Samantha) my Undertakers.  Those of you who have been following the stories will know that the plot has been thickening more than somewhat, particularly over the festive season, with Josiah now engaged to Samantha and Archibald under threat of training and development!  The latest story 'It is better to have loved, and lost...and lost?' features another twist in the tale (I won't put any spoilers, in case you haven't read it yet).

At the end of the latest episode, the discerning reader (and anyone who has been following the stories, over the years) may have noticed a reference to a situation which actually first appeared in the stories some years ago (the recovery of Sir Lewisham Carnock's remains from Spain).  The reason for this is that, when I first started writing the Undertakers stories, they were simply stand-alone short stories that featured whatever joke or comic situation tickled me at the time.  It is only recently that the characters and storylines have developed so that there is now a chronology involved. 

Earlier in my writing, I ran a series of stories about the Undertakers in which they were involved in recovering Sir Lewisham's mortal remains, however, this series of stories sort of petered out without a proper resolution.  It also stopped me writing Undertakers stories for a while because I couldn't make the Spain excursion fit neatly into their world.  Now, however, I think is the right time to reintroduce this series but to take the opportunity to update the original stories so that they fit into the current situation of the characters.

Hope all of that makes some sort of sense!  The 'Bring Out Your Dead' updated series will commence shortly.  In the meantime, if you have any comments or suggestions, I would be delighted to hear them smiley