A little late, appropriately!

Some of you (hopefully) may have noticed that this week's instalment in the Bring Out Your Dead series,, which would normally appear, to a less than interested world, on a Friday, has been notable by its absence. 

This lamentable state of affairs has arisen because I have been otherwise engaged, ironically attending a funeral, amongst other things.  However 'nil desperandum' (as the Romans probably didn't have it) all things come to those who wait and I sincerely hope that the next exciting episode will spring into being, tomorrow (Sunday, 21st January, 2024). 

Thanks for being patient.

Don't forget, the next collection of Josiah and Archibald stories, 'A Subsequent Engagement', which includes all of the tales that lead up to this Bring Out Your Dead series, will be published on 1st February, 2024 and is available for pre-order now at a special pre-publication price!  Just follow this link: