Opening the Casket

For some time now I've been posting stories about my two hapless undertakers, Josiah and Archibald, to ABCtales and I'm delighted to say that they seem to have proven quite popular.  Therefore, filled with a (doubtless misplaced) confidence, I've collected all of these stories together and published them in a Kindle book that rejoices under the title 'A Dubious Undertaking and other stories'.  In addition, I've included another series of stories which seem to have been quite popular here, relating to my two precocious child characters, Peregrine and Prudence.  So far, so good.

However, the problem I face is that, if I'm known for anything (which is open to question) I'm largely known for my humorous memoirs, which now extend to five books of collected stories.  People who enjoy humorous memoirs do not necessarily enjoy humorous fiction!  Therefore, persuading people to make the 'leap of faith' from memoirs to fiction is proving to be a bit of a problem.  Not to mention the fact that the fiction market is considerably more crowded than the one for memoirs, although that's bad enough.  Most of us 'baby boomers' seem to have decided that we have a tale to tell, and I'm sure we have!

Faced with these problems and in a valiant effort to strong-arm people into accepting me as a writer of fiction as well as non-fiction, I have cast caution to the winds and, as I'm sure Josiah and Archibald would say 'open the casket', and made 'A Dubious Undertaking and other stories' FREE for one day only (Saturday, 30th May, 2020).  Quite how much of an incentive this is, I'm not actually sure as it is only 99p at any other time but I do know that people adore getting something for nothing, so now's your chance. And, if you missed the one day giveaway, you can still read it for FREE on Kindle Unlimited.