One year ago this month we lost this chap, leaving a huge Chocolate Labrador-shaped hole in the hearts of everyone who knew and loved him.

Ironically, we were just about to publish the first collection of stories about Packham, and his companion India, as a paperback to raise funds for TURN Education. Caroline, TURN's founder, decided we should go ahead, in Packham's memory.

The original idea was to sell these at Open Days etc. but the pandemic rather scuppered that! We wanted to sell them ourselves as that ensured that at least £2 would go to TURN, whereas sales through Amazon only generated a handful of pence!  I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at ABCtales for reading the stories over the past few years, and for being so supportive.

However, we are now making the book available as a Kindle e-book for the first time at just £1.99 (of which £1.22 goes to TURN, the rest to Amazon). 

You get a whole series of heartwarming and amusing stories about Packham and India that every child will love and, don't forget, you can now give Kindle books as a gift! This is the blurb for the book:

"A collection of amusing and heart-warming stories about Packham and India, the two dogs at TURN Education. Although written for children, we strongly expect quite a few adults will enjoy the jokes and situations that arise as Packham and India try to make sense of their world. Starting from when India was just a puppy and learning the ropes (although she always had the measure of Packham) through to them moving to the smallholding where they, and the rest of the animals, then lived. Finally, coming up to date and introducing some familiar faces around TURN. All profits from the sale of this collection go to TURN Education to help with their remarkable animal -related therapy work with children, young people and their families. Sadly, after a brief and entirely unexpected illness, Packham passed away just as this book was being finalised for publication. Caroline insisted that this book should still be published in memory of Packham and to celebrate his life, and the joy and love he brought to everyone who knew him. This is for Packham."

You can see more about the Kindle edition by following this link

Coming soon, and certainly before Christmas (hopefully) 'Waggy Dog Tales 2', the further adventures of India and Rohan (as seen on ABCtales)