Just bring a pencil - Writer’s retreat May 2018; Spain

There is a certain tranquillity to a place that is almost totally off-grid. Away from the continual digital bombardment of the modern 24/7 culture, The Hotel El Geco Verde offers this:


Situated in the beautiful region of Andalucía, high up in the region of the Sierra de Castril mountains, you could not find a more serene place.

“I love your library”, I said

“Books are always welcome.” Replied Des,

Des, along with his wife Ilaria, own the hotel. Falling in love with the region, they upped sticks from London to escape the hamster wheel of modern life.

“Funny you should say that.” I replied,

I sent him a copy of my novel Hollow Point. I was just thrilled it had found a friendly shelf and I hope will be read until the spine breaks, but it led to an intriguing suggestion,

“Why not set up a writer’s group?” asked Des.

I could not think of a better place for a writer’s retreat.

I gave it some thought, I drafted a proposal; ten years of writing novels; experiencing the pitfalls, highs and frustrations of the process of getting an idea on paper and getting it published has given me an insight into modern publishing.

I think it’s a unique opportunity, a four-day course in not only honing your craft, but engaging with an author in the craft. The wonderful seclusion of the hotel will allow you ample time to not only write, but reflect, think and the location alone will inspire you…

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