MALIGN INTENT *One week to go & a Kindle review already in!

With the paperback version of MALIGN INTENT out on 01.27.24, I have the book released on #Kindle aheaed of the launch & already the first review is in!

"In this sequel to the crime thriller 'A Kind of Drowning', Garda Inspector P.J. Crowe is called to investigate when a body is found swaying from a tree at the edge of a forest. His boss tells him to write off the death as a suicide, but for Crowe, 'Suicide, not proven, and not proven meant doubt. Doubt implied a crime… He didn't like it, but Crowe had a murder on his hands.' Of this, only he is convinced, so he sets out himself to solve the crime.

For Crowe, 'every crime has a window of opportunity; a golden few minutes, hours, and days before threads of evidence start to wither and go cold or disperse as life continues on without the dead.'. The long days of Ireland's Atlantic autumnal rains are coming, and the clock is ticking for Crowe to solve the crime.

'Malign Intent' will appeal to readers who appreciate police procedural crime fiction. Capturing one's attention is the thriller's setting in rural Ireland. Ireland, with its rutted moonscapes and coastal fogs, and the vanilla and black thunderheads rolling inwards from the sea. We are partner to Crowe’s investigation, assured that no matter what its result, we anticipate meeting him again in his future cases."


a genuine review / feedback like this makes all the effort, rewrites, re-drafts and time consumed worth it.