Nine Books that made me want to write

I am currently reading Peter Swanson's excellent 'Eight Perfect Murders' and a thought occurred to me; What 8 novels inspired me to write?

I gave it some time and came up with (in this instance), 9 novels that inspired me to write. The rule of thumb for these books is that once I reached 'THE END', I flipped through the pages back to the beginning and re-read them. In several instances over 10 times.

So each day (or week), depending on how lazy I am, I'm going to write a short piece as to why I loved the book and what inspired me.

There are two horror titles on the list, and I do toy with the idea of writing a horror novel, I have a novella on Amazon under the pen name of W.T Edsel that touches on horror. Its more of a spare parts book and anyone who reads it will identify what 'bits' were lifted to use in my other books.

So, without further ado, here's the list: (in no particular order). Click on the book to find out more.

1. The Constant Gardener - John le Carre.

2. Legion - William Peter Blatty.

3. Kolymsky Heights - Lionel Davidson.

4. Salem's Lot - Stephen King.

5. Imperium - Ryszard Kapuscinski, (technically not a novel).

6. Ingenious Pain - Andrew Miller.

7. Moby Dick - Herman MelvilleĀ 

8. London Rules - Mick Herron

9. Kitchen Confidential - Anthony Bourdain

Without these I wouldn't have started on the path I find myself on.

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(& please feel free to comment on books that you inspire you, or, made you want to write)