The Road of a Thousand Tigers - now available on Amazon and a note about my process

Now available on Amazon too. (& it has charted after 24hrs since going 'Live')

I plan to roll this out quietly, slow burn it through December and do a social media 'Blitz' in January 2019. In some ways, TROATT its a bit of a gamble; if you look through my other drafts (The Andaman affair, & its early incarnation of a 009 adventure - 'Ghost of a chance' on my page here), TROATT is a departure in style and substance. Its a short book and I love short books - the story is the story as they say and I deliberatley set out to write a lean book

As a writer, ABCTales is a great tool for honing the craft - a place to 'tease out' plans, ideas and aborb feedback, I see this site (& Amazon / Kobo) as a sort of digital art gallery where we hang our work out for the public to view - and perhaps purchase. This is the first book where I have jotted down the number of reads here, feedback here and the responses and tied them in with edits.

as a writer too, I recently discovered padlet & I'm happy to share this too as it was a real asset to the stacks of notes and lines of manuscript.

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Robert Craven