Another year older

Here I go again!

Strange times indeed, I hear it said often, and I guess there is no argument about that.

I would consider them awkward times with all the restriction with lockdowns, can we can't we. Those that do and tose that couldn't give a toss as long as they can go on holiday or have a BBQ with all their mates or families.  I feel sad for all those that are on a knife edge as far as work/wages are concerned.

It's good to se the help that is given to those that need it with the food handouts but I do get very annoyed when I see TV honing in on the poor single mother with 7 kids pouring out her anger at not getting enough help. Well, maybe if she had kept her legs together 6 times and taken care of her self she may not be a single mum.  Her new iphone stuck to her ear, the contract of which would probably pay for a weeks food or even help with the rent.

If you can't afford the kiddies then don't have them. 

Ok, enough of that. I've had a varied couple of weeks. After celebrating our Golden Anniversary with the immediate family. Since my fall a few weeks ago I haven't managed to regain the level of mobility I had prior to that fall. A walking frame was never on my list of required equipment and I don't enjoy having to use it. However, it does do the job of keeping me upright, so far. (Watch this space) haha. Following that I have made the grand age of 74.  Mind says I'm 24 body says I'm 84. I'd be quite happy halfway haha.

My group of lads that lunch haven't had a meet since February. That is always a good couple of hours putting the world to right. Plenty of differing opinions but always light hearted. Oh, and the world is always as it was when we go home.  


your blog. your opionon. But I do grow weary of the single mother with lots of kids, being a slut and unfit mother. Stereotypes beloved of Cameron and Osborne when cutting benefits. How do you explain foodbanks? As you know a very, very small proportion of mothers are unfit to be mothers. These are statisitcal outliers. In terms of portraying them as a threat to the British way of life, well, I think we need to look closer to home. I'll shut up now. Your blog. Not mine. I'll give it a miss in future. 


Hey there celticman.  I completely agree with you. But I am not generalising on the Mum and her kids. These are very few. Many have them because they love them and will probably give them all they need.  But there are a few that are just working the system, as do other members of our society.

As for food banks. What a fantastic idea but isn't it a shame that it's ordinary Joe Public that are giving these much needed supplies,which works for, again, all members of society. It is such a shame that it has come down to this and I can 100% agree with the Cameron, Osborne analogy. Now there lies the threat to our way of life.Oh, and Covid. Hang loose dude.