Extortion or what

Going back to when we lived normally, well, as normal as possible.  I bought my gorgeous Granddaughter tickets  for Little Mix concert to be held here, in what was then, sunny Peterborough. She had a birthday coming up around the time of the concert.  So, Granddad thought! what a great idea  and went ahead with purchase.   As we all know, Covid (China) decided otherwise and the show was cancelled. Refund duly given.

I did promise Ava that when they next went on tour I would get her to see them.  This I have done as they will be at the O2 arena in May 2021. A day in London followed by the concert and an overnight stay with her mum.  Brilliant.

Now for the not so good part.

On finding the ticket sales site for the O2 (viagogo) and finding seats where they wouldn't be so far away from the stage, I couldn't believe the price of £480.  It didn't help that as soon as you click on the tickets you want they put a clock on you meaning you have to complete purchase withing 10 minutes. 

Just about time to fill in your details, payment details etc. Then you find out that if their name             (different from mine) isn't on the ticket they run the risk of not being allowed in.  £480  + Train fares, food and drink and overnight stay. You could almost have a week in Tenerife.

Absolutely furious  I checked out a site I'd used before "Ticketmaster"  Still expensive but at £280 that would have paid for the extras over the 2 days.   I contacted Viagogo to try cancelling. Not a chance. Aparently thhey are only agents for a company in Switzerland. Bugger me, just how many agents etc are there. Then they say you cannot sell them on. Not that anyone with any sense would give me £480 for 2 tickets. I contacted my bank to try stopping payment. (Remember the old days when you could stop a cheque?) No chance.   

So there you have it.  Guess I should have been more careful. I'll take that one on the chin for now but If they have trouble getting in I shall be going to law. There has to be some protection somewhere from these thieving bastards.


I sympathise.  It's a long time since I bought tickets for a big event online (or anywhere else for that matter) but friends have had similar experiences to yours.  The prices are indeed mind boggling.  But I hope your granddaughter has a lovely, lovely time.  I remember gritting my teeth and paying an arm and a leg to take my daughter to see JLS some years ago, when they were a 'thing'.  It was worth it for the delight in her eyes for weeks afterwards!  


Thank you for your comments airyfairy.  I'm amazed that the venues let the dealers get away with it. It's scandelous.  I'm sure she will enjoy the show as she was so disappointed when it was cancelled back in June this year. My only memory of such shows were back in the 60's when we went to see Roy Orbison 1967 and Long John Baldry 68.  Ticket bought at the venues and what I would call real prices. Lets face it, I didn't earn much so they couldn't have been expensive..  How times change.  Thanks for reply.  Keep safe.  Roy