ABC visitor figures for 2006

I have now had the chance to anlayse our Google Analytics figures for 2006. They make very interesting reading. Basically, they tell us that we have many thousands of people visiting ABCtales who are not registered members - they just come to read. That explains the good 'read by' figures on your stories.

In any case here's the basic figures for the year:

Page Views: 1,981,650
Unique Visitors: 312,482
Average Pages seen per visit: 6.55
Number of people who visited the site more than 200 times in the year: 58,734
Number of people who visited the site between 100 and 200 times: 15,361
Number of people who visited the site only once: 164,467

This is a remarkable show of loyalty from our regular visitors and demonstrates quite clearly that your work is getting very widely seen!

If anyone reads this who is a regular visitor and not a registered member, I urge you to register. You don't get loads of rubbish through your email from us and it does help to keep us going if our 'registered members' tally goes up and up and up!