ABCtales Author gets major publishing deal

ABCtales Author Andy Koumi (akoumi) has his first novel released. He was picked up by DexterHaven Publishing, a subsidiary of Black Spring Press, after the owners saw him at an ABCtales evening.

The novel, 'The Cypriot', has been around many of Andy's friends and family but it's also had significant input from ABCtales members.

'The Cypriot' is set in Cyprus and London and tells the story of a young Christian boy and his forbidden love for a Muslim girl. It sees them through the brutal partition of the island and informs us of the divisions - geographical, personal and political - that follow.

It's a perfect summer read - especially if you are going to Cyprus for your holidays - and Andy has been good enough to give ABCtales a big thankyou at the end of the book.

Go to your local bookshop and order it: 'The Cypriot' by Andreas Koumi published by Dexter Haven Publishing at £9.95. That way they have to order two copies and one gets put out on the shelves!

Or get it from Amazon by clicking through our link on the Front Page.

Or buy it direct from Dexter Haven by clicking on this link:

Best of luck to Andy!