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Title: Beyond Big Willow

Author: Valerie McKinley

ISBN: 9780955896316

Cost (UK): £7.50

Publishers description:

Beyond Big Willow is an entertaining and very frank autobiographical collection of prose and poetry built around events in the life of the author.

In her introduction the author, Valerie McKinley, explains how she overcame her doubts concerning the public appeal of her book, by realising how she would be reinforcing the memories of people who brought immeasurable richness to the world through their lives. Within its pages you will encounter these people as they pop in and out of the situations and circumstances Valerie's pen brings to life.

Val also feels that her book will bring a realisation that although her childhood was filled with the more simple pleasures of her time, many of those pleasures are actually lost to present day children. Lost that is, in every real sense where they could physically enjoy them for themselves.

You will find that Val's words take you through the whole gamut of emotions and feelings as they create for you rich glimpses of the rollercoaster of her life to date.

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