Brazil go out in the final report

Anthony Jucha is off. Follow his progress, step by drunken step, here on!

His first report is here:

His second is here:

His third is here:

His fourth is here:

His fifth is here:

His sixth is here:

His seventh is here:

His eighth is here:

His ninth is here:

His tenth is here:

His eleventh is here:

His twelvth is here:

His thirteenth and final report is here:

Anthony Jucha's dream is to watch every football match involving a South American country in the country concerned. He's got his schedule worked out for the first two weeks of the tournament when he'll see two games in Paraguay, three in Brazil, one in Ecuador and three in Argentina. Nine games in fourteen days ' and each one watched with the home fans in a different city.

After each game he will knock out his report ' which won't concentrate on the football but on his travel adventures following his last report, on the way the fans react to the game, on his place, his feelings, his fatigue, the food he eats and the drink he consumes.

He will file his reports, match by match, from internet cafes on to ' Europe's largest free to use reading and writing website.

Tiring? Certainly. Difficult? You bet.

But Aussie Anthony's done this before. For the last World Cup he travelled around Europe and filed his hilarious reports day by day by exhausting day. You can see these at:

This time the challenge will be even greater. The transport difficulties, the language complications and his almost total lack of knowledge of the game of football will all add to his trials.

Anthony says: "I love the passion that football generates. It's great to watch with the home fans, to feel their love and to celebrate their triumphs or commiserate with their disasters. This is a journey of exploration for me, for football and for the world wide web. I can't wait for kick off!

Anthony Jucha is currently living in Australia but is available for interview. Contact Tony Cook at ABCtales for more information: