Ralph is (not) a vampire or a spy

There's two great new books for kids illustrated by ABCtaler El Ashfield and written by Corinne Davies.

They follow on from the magnificent Ralph is (not) a Superhero and follow much the same format. Written in rhyming couplets they trace the adventures of 8 year old nerd Ralph as he survives the pitfalls of school, ignominy and his elder sister and her friends.

In 'Vampire' Ralph is fooled into going to sister's groovy party in fancy dress when no-one else is - and he goes as a vampire. The school begins to believe that he really is one and all his best efforts to dissuade them only re-inforce their beliefs. In 'spy' Ralph's genius as a chess player is under threat from sinister forces and it is only when erstwhile French champion Jean-Claude is unmasked as Ivor Smell that he is able to rescue his sister even though his Mum won't break the speed limit in a car chase.

These are really funny books. They are aimed at the 6-10 market - that tricky age when kids want to read themselves but also want to be read to. They provide lots of extras, heaps of jokes and a story line that keeps you going to the end.

I recommend them to you - buy them as Christmas presents for those pesky nephews and nieces and they'll love you forever. You can buy them on Amazon at around a fiver each here: