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'33.9 Million Miles From Lyme Regis' by Laurie Avadis

33.9 million miles: is that far enough for 'social distancing'?

2020 Cerasus Poetry Olympics

The 2020 Cerasus Poetry Olympics is a competition that will run over 6 qualifying heats in July-August 2020.

FREE Poetry Sampler

FREE Poetry Sampler.

'Swim With Me In Deep Water' by Penny Sharman

The latest release from Cerasus Poetry is ‘Swim With Me In Deep Water’ by Penny Sharman. It is already available to buy on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/107332852X?ref_=pe_3052080_397514860 and will shortly be in stock to buy directly from Cerasus: https://cerasuspoetry.com/books/swim-with-me-in-deep-water You can discover more about Penny and read some of her poetry on her website: https://pennysharman.co.uk She has already had a pamphlet...

Keeping Julia’s memory alive

Please read...

'Waiting For Another Velvet Morning' by Julia Macpherson

A record came on, maybe around 4.00am: ‘Some Velvet Morning’, the singer intoned. We looked at each other, listened. It had captured our mood so accurately. After it ended, we all said we would not forget this night. It was one of those sunlit, spider-web moments that cannot be swept away.

Cerasus: updated call for submissions

We will soon be updating our submission details to include short story collections and novellas.

'OUTBRANCHING' by Scharlie Meeuws

Poems are small on the page, but can swell to fill the mind.

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Treat Yourself For National Poetry Day: Buy Ewan's New Book

'Last Night I Met John Adcock' by Ewan Lawrie Ewan takes us from his days as a self confessed adolescent arsehole, through his time as a cold warrior, to his abandoned attempt to become an ex-pat writer in exile, taking stock of his relationship with his father and various skirmishes with women on the way. Yet he also takes us deeper into the past, to when it used to be all fields round here , to where an endless game of Risk had already long...