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Cerasus - latest signing

It’s certainly going to be a busy year.

Cerasus: wonderful new collaboration

In memory of Julia.

Two New Signings

Let's hear it for the boys.

Let’s Hear It For The Boys

We will shortly be announcing another two signings. Both men. Not to detract from their testosterone fuelled ability, but we would love to hear from more women, to redress the hormone imbalance.

Cerasus Poetry: our first signing

We are delighted to announce that the first poet we will be working with to publish a collection of their work is Simon (JupiterMoon) Howarth. Congratulations, Simon. Can’t wait to get started! And there are still opportunities for more poets to become involved. We are particularly interested to hear individual, idiosyncratic voices with something new to say. Make your submission today.

Cerasus Poetry: the first 10 days

This weekend, we are writing to 3 poets inviting them to re-submit a further 3 poems. We are also promoting a further 3 poets to the second stage submission process, inviting them to submit a small portfolio of 10 further poems. Plus, we are still receiving new submissions. Not bad going. Thanks for the support. More always welcome.

Cerasus Poetry: More Submissions

Thanks for the submissions made so far. More are always welcome. Don’t be shy. But please also make sure you send us your very best. if you have submitted and not had a confirmation within one day, please resubmit directly to: cerasuspoetry@gmail.com This is also the email address for all enquiries. You can follow us at http:// www.facebook.com/Cerasus-Poetry-161707294428854/ http://twitter.com/CerasusPoetry