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'Hunter in a World of Farmers' by Alfie Shoyger

The latest release from Cerasus Poetry...

Cerasus Poetry: End of Year Roundup 2022

It’s the time of year when Top 10 lists tend to get published, so let’s start with a rundown of our best selling publications since our inauguration in 2018: 10 th : ‘My Brain In All Its Perfidious Beauty’, a compilation of entries from the 2020 Poetry Olympics competition which was won by Mark (Kilb50) Kilburn. 9 th : ‘Ghost And Found’ by Eleanor May Blackburn, who is a talented actress as well as poet. 8 th : ‘According To The Dandelions’ by...

CERASUS Magazine Issue # 1

CERASUS Magazine is now established as a regular quarterly publication.

2021 Cerasus Poetry Olympic Biathlon

No skis or rifle required.

The Gnawing Flood

Bronze Medal Award winner of the 2020 Cerasus Poetry Olympics

Beautiful Fish

Gold Medal Winner of the 2020 Cerasus Poetry Olympics

My Brain In All Its Perfidious Beauty

2020 Cerasus Poetry Olympics Souvenir Anthology


The 2020 Cerasus Poetry Olympics took place as scheduled in July and the final results were: Gold Medal - Mark Kilburn Silver Medal - Sophie Norton Bronze Medal - John Gallas Laurel Wreath - India Halstead Poetry collections by each of the winners will be published in due course, plus a special souvenir compilation featuring the best poems by all entrants. Regular ABCtales will recognise that the Gold Medal Winner is aka Kilb50. *** CERASUS...