2021 Cerasus Poetry Olympic Biathlon

The 2021 Cerasus Poetry Olympic Biathlon comprises two separate competitions – one for poetry and one for flash fiction - that will run in parallel over 6 qualifying heats in July-August 2021.

The competitions are open to all who pay the entry fee and submit a batch of 6 poems and/or 6 pieces of flash fiction before the closing date of midnight BST at the end of 22nd July 2021.

On payment of the fee, you will be randomly allocated a country name, which will identify you during the course of the competitions.

When the competitions start, countries will be placed into random, equal sized groups. The first heat poem/flash from each country’s batch will then compete against the others in their own group.

The winners from each group will then proceed to the 2nd heat, where they will be placed into new qualifying groups. Those who did not win will be eliminated from the competitions.

The second poem/flash from each country’s batch will then compete... and so on, until the 6th and final heat.

At the end of the competitions, there will be 3 Medal Winners: the top performing poet; the top performing flash fiction writer; plus – for those entering both competitions – the top performing poetry+flash biathlete.

Each of them will be awarded a cash prize equal to 25% of the net value of entry fees received. They will also work with Cerasus to have a collection of their work published and will receive 5 complimentary copies of the ensuing book.

All published books will be made available to buy on Amazon and their authors will be able to purchase further copies at a discounted price.

Please refer to the full rules here: http://cerasuspoetry.com/2021-cerasus-poetry-olympic-biathlon/


Looking forward to trying the flash fiction this year! (499 words with or without title ?)