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In Stone

It's done: my will. Sissy gets my animals and ... that's it. I have nothing. Live paycheck to paycheck. So sissy will take care of my babies. I know she will. Just in case ... Samantha (sissy) will look after my babies. Another comfort, another closure (and I still hate that fucking word).

Re-up 2

Went just like I expected: met the physical requirements no problem (push ups, sit ups, pull ups humma humma) but my medical history makes me incompatible with military service. Still, good to know that I'm still fit (in body, at least and minus the headaches and medication) and I'm fine with it all. My serving days are officially over and that is some kind of closure - hate that fucking word.

Just Remembering.....

Welcome back you coward! You're a coward! A real man would stand up for the weak! You kill women and children for oil! Fucking baby killer! Government puppet! Just follow your orders, coward! You have the blood of the innocent on your hands! No blood for oil! No blood for oil! And they drove away.


The good news: IRS has accepted my federal tax return. WTF news: I'm being refunded $2. Ain't enough for a gallon of gas. Guess it's better than owing and I don't have to worry about the state cause there is no state tax in Florida. Still, $2!!!! Definitely worth the hour it took to file. WTF!?


It has been confirmed that I am qualified (age, years of previous service, category of discharge) to enlist again. I served active duty and had an honorable discharge and my age is within the range. Think I should re-up .

She Said

You left me three times, she said. Your first tour, the first; Your second tour, the second; Your third tour the third: And I left you once and you didn't fight for me, just let me go though you fought three times for your country. Uh für muh tiv roger that so I did have done but you won the war in the end because I still love you and will never make love with you again .

Off the Grid and Out of My Mind

Since I ain't allowed to go to work until they decide what they're gonna do with me I'm gonna drive southwest to float down the Itchnatukny, then northeast to kayak through the Okefenokee, then southeast to camp in the Osceola. My neighbor will look after my babies, him and his lady have done it a few times before so they know what they're doing. Georgia swamp and Florida flat woods: here I come.


A couple days ago I had to meet with HR because someone complained about my behavior: a lady (the one I took to the opera) was passing by and said "Hey, Jack" to greet me and I approached her, held her face in my hands, kissed her for one....two ..three seconds, released her and said "Hey ". Now I am on paid leave for a week waiting for what will be the consequences of that impromptu kiss. She has let me know that she wasn't the one who...

The Fastest... Will it Slow Down?

To best understand what's going on in my head listen to Fast Train, Solomon Burke, explains it better than I could ever write it.


Don't wanna hold your hand Don't wanna kiss you on the mouth the throat behind your ears Don't wanna breathe against the back of your neck Don't wanna leave you naked a wreck Just wanna hold your hand while my aching head rests in your lap Aww fuck forget about me or not perhaps