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Ramble On (Much obliged, LZ)

She’s dying. I can’t save her. She’s dying and I can’t comfort her. Her death will not surprise me. When I’d brought her home she was already halfway...

This is My Rifle . . . This is My Gun: End

They take care of the dead. Guess that was enough for him. The paleness, the cleaning, the getting em ready for home; the kid embed had put it all...
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This is My Rifle . . . This is My Gun

What do you most fear in war? Dying or being wounded? maimed for life? disfigured? After a firefight, shoot out, whatever, anyone injured said “Tell...

She Before and After

I know I won’t save her. Three tours in a warzone will teach anyfuckingbody that lesson. I know and accept. I knew the day I saw her all by herself,...

End Of, continued to the End

The inheritance of his mama’s eye color made his brown, yes, sun-burst brown, yes, dark but illumined in the right strike of light, yes, and the...


2 of my comments have received 3 Great Feedback votes

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Bee, babydoll, I've fought

Posted on Wed, 20 Apr 2016

Bee, babydoll, I've fought three tours, if it'd save you, I'd re-up and fight another three.



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This could easily have been

Posted on Tue, 08 Mar 2016

This could easily have been too much flowers and rainbows, in a sick way, understand?  Too heavy on the affection/infatuation or too much like an entry in a stalker's diary, could have been, but ain't on account of the humor (crying, or laughing...

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Posted in Don't Think I Do (poetry monthly)