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Untitled 1

It's one of those cool enough to open the windows and let in the breeze and warm enough to turn on the fan and not freeze kind of nights. So - the...

Walking with Virgil

Virgil Cain is the name and I worked on the Danville train - actually it ain't my name and trains have no place on my curriculum vitae, but I can't...

The Cafard 2

She hadn't seen a U.S. commander tell those under his command that if one more soldier is killed by an I.E.D., "We're going to take away one of their...
Gold cherry

The Cafard 1

She'd walked in when I was naked. I mean full frontal naked, dig? "Jacques, I must speak with you now." I ain't shy when it comes to my body. These...

Frailty - End

From what he told me, and he never told me much, the lieutenant wouldn't have changed a goddamn thing. Regret just ain't a part of him. He was born,...