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Think of Me -2

All this as an addition to what I just posted. I stand by it, blankets aren't very much essential in Florida, except on those ocassions when they are...

Think of Me - 1

Woke up freezing my balls off. Just wrote a piece that explained how blankets aren't much of a necessity in Florida, except at times when it gets...

IP- Things You've Changed Your Mind About 2

- and the way she kept fussing with her hair - can't have a single fucking strang out of place - all testified to her need to stay clean and neat...

IP- Things You've Changed Your Mind About 1

"Please," her hand on my thigh, almost too close to my crotch for comfort, "take it." Almost, not quite. We sat on the couch whose cover I've had to...

Untitled 2 - End

And I don't think, looking back, that the War had anything to do with the failure of our relationship. Started as an infatuation which turned into a...