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Beauty 1

He was a skinny kid. I don't mean slim or lean. Skinny. His battle rattle outweighed him, we joked. Wore glasses. I wear glasses. Supposed to wear...


Shhh . . . listen . . . Relax and listen. This isn't serious. Just. Truth. And the truth is I love the way you are mobile and smooth in high heels...

Homecoming in Three Acts

"Hey . . . it's me. I'm home . . . well, stateside, anyway, I - " "Well, that's just great, honey, whenever you get settled why don't you come and...

Awareness - End

Okay (Un fur muh tiv) I understand (Roger that) I'll be aware (Wilco) Never heard any of those ladies giggle, not so much as smile. They didn't look...


"Hey, TJ, you need to talk to your ladies. They're slackin'." My ladies? I ain't got one, nevemind ladies . But I knew what my foreman meant. These...