Corporate Black African American

Corporate African American

"Time is moving like a river to the sea. (part of an unknown artist's song)

Good-bye my love, then we'll see where we'll be.

As I sit and watch their faces,
I can tell something must be said.
Their bodies shift with no emotion,
As I know the Solomon is read.

Are they aware of my potential?
Will they let my ideas fade or ride?
Don't shake your head slow,
And make me fear of kissing your hide.

I am the Black corporate woman.
No, say it correctly,
African American!
I work harder and longer
Than your predecessors and pecans.

My school days have been long,
My work nights even longer.
Why are you doing this?
Only to hurt me, will not make me vulnerable, but stonier

My neighbors blame me.
My family is a shame.
Should neither be,
I'd say not and do the same.

You say this is unfair game?
Try looking for a hand to assist a sista.
Don't get kicked;
My precocity will hurt ya bad
Expected on a fair lesser!

I smile generously.
As you would hope someone like me to do.
Try this type of pugnacity again,
And the next time it could be you!

So glad to play your game.
Yep, very stalwart
But I think I got ya beat!