A Day In The Life

A Day in the life

Oh how I love to see your beautiful face
I think nothing can replace
The joys you have given me
You make me laugh
Laugh so hard
Sometimes I cry
I think I might die
Die without your love
I thank God in heaven above
For someone like you
You see
You are my friend
Not necessarily my lover
And above all
You help me to recover
From the pain of these days
Consisting of whatever what may
Come to my life
Is human
Thanks for being there holding me close
Laughing at my stupid jokes
Sharing in the sorrow
Not knowing what tomorrow
May bring, but
You make me wanna sing
With joy of these feelings
So warm

There was a time when I use to pretend
But then,
You came along
You make me wanna sing
Sing a new song
Now, I sing a new song
A song of happiness
A song of forgiveness
No one can take this smile from my face
Its here to stay
Can take this joy away
From my heart
In this life I will always stay
With you
Loving you
Enjoying you
No mater what comes or what may be
You've always got me
Me and my love