I Am Not...

I am not trying to chase you away
Just attempting to do what is right
So often
Way too many times
More than I can count
Have asked of you
Men, men
Men, please be good to our hearts.

That is what we desire of you

But when we
Women fail you men
It burns
Cutting to core
Making us regret
Exactly what we came for.

This is why
I must say, Goodbye

I was not good to you
Even though I have search all means for you
This is not what I came to do
But to love
And encourage you

I failed and I hurt and hold so much regret
If it was
And it was
My intent to be the woman for you
Then why did I cause the mayhem
The pain
And discomfort?

This is why
I must say, Goodbye

I struggled
Struggled to understand as well as face what you
What you ,mean to me
I struggled to maintain my composure.
All the times I wish you were here
Now, I am so grateful youre not.

Please, I wished you
I wished for me.