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Location, location, location

Hi, I'm new to this site, and I'd like to ask for some advice. I'm currently working on a new story idea, but I'm having trouble with the setting.

Is it best to use a real town, with real locations, and just change the names of companies and certain buildings? Or should I just create a fictitious town with which I can do as I wish, but lose the realism?

So far I have been using a made up location, but fear it may take away some of the believeability of the story.

What do you guys think, fiction, or reality?

It might be stating the obvious, but I'd say it totally depends on the context of the story. A story will be believable (if you want it to be believable - I don't think a story necessarily has to be) if it feels real - whether or not the place names, landmarks or whatever are real. Generally speaking, in fiction, the characters are fictional, the story itself is fictional; I'd say making the location fiction is perfectly valid. Unless the fact that that, for example, the story is set in Moss Side in Manchester is integral to the plot. Personally, in my own fiction, I tend to use towns and places I know, but fill in the gaps with made up stuff... I'm not one for bogging myself down with research, if I can help it! I find it easier this way, and if the dry facts, the context, is easy, then I think there is more room for creativity and interest in the other stuff... ...but that's just me! ~PEPS~ You can’t finish a man till he’s finished his Texan Bar
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