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I write stuff!

So does my daughter - so please also check out her ABC Tales stuff (just one story on there so far)...

Below is also one of my blogs...

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The Holy Sock Trilogy

PART 1 “Darn it!,” said Larry. “What?,” said Mick. “This sock which has a hole in it.” “Okay.” Mick darned the Holy Sock. PART 2 “All hail the Holy...

The Knees That Quacked

Arthur and Tony were happy ducks. Until the day that they became knees. “What just happened?,” said Arthur. “Beats me,” said Tony. Arthur and Tony...

Bruce & Dick Enter the Cave

“Gird your loins,” said the Caped Crusader. “We’re going in.” “But wait!,” said the Boy Wonder. “What?” He did up the top button of his fly. “Okay.”...

Larry and Mick and the Aardvarks

“Get you’re coat, you’ve pulled,” said Larry. “Say what?,” said Mick. “You’ve pulled a thread on your cardigan, so you should not wear said vestment...

The ‘roughpotatofallacy’ Fallacy (RPF3)

Nobody knew the meaning of the ‘roughpotatofallacy.’ Or indeed the ‘fallacy’ of the ‘roughpotato.’ There were those who spent long minutes, seconds...


1 of my comments has received 1 Great Feedback vote

1 Vote

No problem at all, poncey -

Posted on Tue, 19 Jun 2018

No problem at all, poncey - the last thing I would want would be to cause trouble for ABC Tales!

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Posted in The Boy and the Waking Giant