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I have 444 stories published in 30 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 343980 times and 43 of my stories have been cherry picked.

My stories

Larry and Mick Got a Long List of Ex-Lovers

“Taylor Swift!” said Larry. “Where?” said Mick. “Nowhere,” said Larry; “I was just trying out a new exclamation.” “Oh,” said Mick. < fin >

I Am Like Jaime Lannister

16th March 2018 As I currently have a bit of a pain on the right side of my neck, I have been putting my bag so that the strap is on the left side...


Larry had a piece of paper on his head. “Why,” said Mick, “do you have a piece of paper perched atop yon bonce?” “‘‘Tis International Put a Piece of...


“How do trees work?” said Larry to Mick. “They don’t work,” said Mick to Larry. “Lazy blighters.” Larry looked at Mick. It was then that a tree,...
Gold cherry


1. Deep within the bowels of the Earth, something stirred. Something ancient. Something smelly. Something that, until that very moment, had not even...