Stories based on proverbs & idioms & things.


The Last Straw

Camels Frederick and Tristan had been rivals almost since birth. Tug-of-war, eating competitions, competitive ironing, you name it - anything that...

Too Many Cooks

Archie the Aardvark was hungry. He decided to cook up a broth. Along came Barry the Buffalo. “What’s that?,” said Barry. “Broth,” said Archie. Barry...

Old Hat

Once upon a time there was a hat. It was an old hat. No one wanted to wear it anymore. Old hat. Fin

You Don’t Know You’re Born

“You androids, you don’t know you’re born!” The androids looked at each other and shrugged. Fin

Less is More

“Less is more,” said the hippo. “Sometimes less is less,” said the snake. “And sometimes more is more,” said the llama. “But less of one thing...

The Truth Will Set You Free

Do you want to get out of here? Well I’m not really sure. Clank Do you want to get out of here? No, I love it here! Clank Do you want to get out of...