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I have 559 stories published in 40 collections on the site.
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I write stuff!

So does my daughter - so please also check out her ABC Tales stuff (just one story on there so far)...

Below is also one of my blogs...

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Larry and Mick at Procrastination

“Welcome to Procrastination!,” said the chap with a clipboard, standing outside the airport. “Thanks,” said Larry. “Can you tell me how to get to the...
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The Identity of the Potato and the Swan

“I am a potato,” said the potato. “No, I am a potato,” said the swan. “Don’t be so ridiculous,” said the potato. “Why is it ridiculous,” said the...

Flatpack Frustration

1. The boxes arrived. She emptied out the contents and scrabbled around for the instructions. Upon finding them, since her Arabic was not up to...

Fub 4

Fub was happy on his own. At least that’s what he told people. Fub was alone. Fub was lonely. The others hurt Fub. They others didn’t mean to hurt...

Fub 3

Fub sat on a cushion on a cloud. Fub didn’t know if he was happy. Sometimes Fub saw happy and felt sad. Sometimes Fub drifted towards happy, bounced...