tales of gremlins

GT012: Exhibition

The gremlins stormed the gallery, unholstered their squirtycream cans and set about creating their own unique brand of art.

GT011: ManTalk

Maligna and Pistena stood outside by the dustbins, having a fag and discussing their husbands.

GT010: Revolution

You don't hear much about female gremlins.

GT009: Shove

A gremlin stood on a bridge, looking over the rail into the deep, inviting water below.

GT008: Marmalade

The gremlins sat round the small portable TV, which they had stolen from the house of Eric Marmalade, the geography teacher, arguing over what to watch.

GT007: Carpetlove

The gremlin rubbed his horrible, slimy, sweaty body all over the greasy, filthy carpet.

GT006: Rubbish

The gremlin snickered quietly to himself, as he waited in the kitchen bin.

GT005: Tree

'Yippee!' said the trio of gremlins, as they hopped from bench to bench down the centre of the High Street

GT004: Platform

'O joyous joy,' said the gremlin (who was called Midge) to his friend (who was called Franco), as they picked bits of chewed nuts from between their teeth and flicked them at the humans waiting for the train below.

GT003: Bad Day

The gremlin tied the little boy's shoe laces together as he slept.

GT002: Football

The gremlin ran onto the pitch, cackling and skipping in that way that gremlins do.

GT001: Unlikely Hero

a small, sad tale about a rotating gremlin.