Stories based on sets of 3 (or more) different words produced from the same key presses using predictive text in a text message.

Satin Patio Ratio

"Hmm," said Kevin...

The Tie Vid

"I've seen worse," said Mike. "Such as?" said Nial. Mike did a YouTube search and came up with... 'Rock Sock Soak' "Turn it off," said Nial. And so...

Bat Cat Act

"Not impressed"...

Star Pubs Rubs

After a hard day's bounty hunting for the Galactic Federation...

House Gourd Inure

It was full of pumpkins... and it was March! I mean, who fills a house with pumpkins in March? Though he supposed he would get used to it.

Good Home Gone - Hoof Hood Goof!

Jamal Frishbellow considered himself a designer of unsurpassed originality. He took his inspiration primarily from nature - most often ungulates, in...

Pint/Shot... Riot!

"... officious yet logically inconsistent ..."

Dave Date Fate

He arrived at the pub...

Pap Sap Rap

It flows from the tree...

Car Bap BBQ

"I'm not sure..."

Wee Wed Zed

Galactic Emperor...

Bride Cried Aside

Childhood sweethearts...

Summer Stones Runner

He lined up the pebbles...

Gust Hurt Guru


Ow My Ox!

... his hot breath ...

Lips Kiss Lisp

"Kith me," he said.

Pale Rake Sale

She needed a new rake...

One Mod Nod

Many passed...

Food Dome Done

A sequel to 'One Mod Nod'...?

Ear Far FAQ

On the morning my ear fell off, I got straight on the Internet.

Aloof Blond Clone

Ciggie or lollypop?