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“Okay guys, listen up,” said the Head Elf. “You’ve probably heard we’ve got a new Santa this year. So we’ve gotta pull out all the stops to get him...

The Elf Who Fell off the Shelf

Ezekiel wasn’t like other elves. He had been placed on a shelf by a human, charged with ‘watching over’ the children, with a view to discerning the ‘...

Larry and Mick's Christmas Adventure

There was a bright light on Christmas morning.
Gold cherry

The Grumpy Snowman

Once upon a time, there was a grumpy snowman. He didn't like having carrots shoved in his face. He didn't like having twigs shoved in his sides. And...

Larry and Mick Get Frozen

A parody of the latest hit disney movie.

Elves - pt1

part one of a seasonal tale... the beginning of an interactive story, perhaps?