Stories about animals.

Adventures of the Earthworm

Inspired by ISMO ‘The EARTHworm’ [ ] 1. The Cow “I am a worm,” said the Earthworm. “From Earth.” “How lovely,” said the...

The Ants Who Lived On An Elephant’s Trunk

“So what do you think?” “I think Rightmove has got a lot to answer for.” < fin >

Brian the Backwards Badger

"Pass me the cheese!" said Brian. "No," said Wally. And so Brian the Backwards Badger and Wally the Wobbling Wombat remained without cheese for all...

Oscar the Obvious Octopus pts1-5

1. One day Oscar the Obvious Octopus decided to go to the chip shop. “What do you want?” said the chip shop lady. “Some chips, please,” said Oscar. “...


What type of bee can never be understood?

Pope Pigeon III


The Knees That Quacked

Arthur and Tony were happy ducks. Until the day that they became knees. “What just happened?,” said Arthur. “Beats me,” said Tony. Arthur and Tony...

The Haddock Who Was a Pillock

I am a pillock , thought the haddock – and would have said so, if fish could speak. I am the biggest pillock on Earth! And indeed he was.

Perilous Pond

He approached the lily pad with utmost caution.

The Story of Yebbut (a trilogy)

1. Yebbut and the Fish “Deja vu,” said Yebbut. “Not deja vu,” said the fish. “Deja poo.” “Childish,” said Yebbut. “I am a fish,” said the fish. 2...

The Eternal Game of Equine Musical Statues

The horses just stood there. In the field. Completely still. Forever.

Further Adventures of Trevor and Patrick: 1. Trevor and Patrick Go On Holiday

1. Trevor the Red-Footed Tortoise and Patrick the Pomeranian decided to go on a journey. They traversed a hundred fields, hitchhiked the length of a...