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press release - help!

Hi there all!

I'm new here but I was wondering whether you lot could give me some advice.

I'm writing a short piece that requires quotes and facts. I was just wondering - is it okay to quote directly from press releases or do you actually need to interview the guy?

Any help would be great.

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Hi Ron I have to write from press releases too but our editorial policy is to always get fresh quotes and comments (even if the ones on the release are better!) from the relevant contacts - I think a lot of journalist courses advocate this too although I think a lot of publications don't! I usually feel quite sorry for the writers of press releases as they never really get any credit for their writing! I know of a lot of journalists and publications where they simply print off the stuff on the release word for word - basically passing it off as their own! Luckily we don't do this, but it must be so frustrating! Anyway hope it helps Dee x
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