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Writing Your Life Story


Writing Your Life Story by Michael Oke was published earlier this year by How To Books. ISBN 1-85703-695-6.
Price £9.99.

It is a step by step guide on how to write life stories, principally for those seeking to leave something for friends and family, and writing for the sheer fun of it... although recording more difficult areas is also covered. Whilst the emphasis is not on publishing or writing the bestseller, some ideas are given in this area. It also discusses ways of producing a few copies for the enjoyment of a select group.

Mike Oke is the founding director of Bound Biographies, a company which provides personal assistance in the writing of life stories, usually with the aid of home visits. In the past 10 years 88 books have been produced - all for private individuals.

Mike's work has been featured on Radio 2 by Steve Wright and Johnnie Walker.

See Boundbiographies.com for more information or email Mikeoke@aol.com

Sheila Badham
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I am interested in the book about writing your life story.I already have a great deal written but feel I need a push to get it completed.Could you advise please?I will buy the book if it offers what I am looking for. I have had my poetry published over the years and continue writing that ,but time is at a premium now and I would like to leave something of my life for my family to read. Thankyou. S.M.Badham
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I get up, write, eat, get rid of what I ate, and watch the footy - where's the story in that, Mike?
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