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Help wanted

I seem to get a bit lost. I start off with dialogue, two people speaking and it's ok, I can handle the ping-pong of the 'I didn't say that' he said. 'Yes you did,' she said.
My problem is that I go from that to what is in essence an extended monologue (by Granda). So Granda my say something like '... in my day...' about 2000 words later 'and I'm going to my bed'.

In between that I have Granda telling the reader what has happened.

"What did you have for dinner last night?" said Tommy Munn.

I'm not sure. Open the monologue with single (') and give others such as Tommy Munn double (")and close with single (') quotation mark?. Is that about right?
Doesn't look right on the page.

I've also not sure about possession. I understand things like Tom's cup. The cat's bowl etc.

The neighbourhoods' children.

What about tommorrow and the next day's dinner was well prepared?

Celtic's last man?

Any comments or advice greatfully received.


Thanks for that. I know these things, but sometimes I don't's!


for publication, speech quotes and quotes are the same thing. If you use single or double (US is mainly double, UK a mixture), use the other one for quotes in quotes, eg: 'Mary,' Tom said,'what is this "dongle"?' "Mary," Tom said,"what is this 'dongle'?" that's the rule. simple.
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