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Hi, I've been meaning to ask this for ages...Has anyone got any tips on how you change the formatting of text when you put it up on the site; like italics, paragraph breaks, font size etc. If there are any tricks I'm missing it'd be great to hear them. Thanks.

Please ignore this moment of's taken me 3 years and writing this forum topic to spot where it says 'more information about formatting options' at the bottom of the page.


Marion, I see it now as well. I clicked it and do you know what? I'm still non the wiser about how to italicise. Is 'italicise' even a word?


Tee hee I'm glad you admitted that scratch, cos neither am I! But I'm going to have a go, you know, trial and error till it works. Um yeah I think italicise is the right word :)


I asked how to italicise when I joined the site a few months back, it's something I occasionally use for emphasis. I couldn't figure out the instructions I received - silly me - and I couldn't be bothered with the hassle of experimenting.
Thanks for pointing that link out, I have been trying to italicise ever since I joined the site. But I see nothing here to help with the italic question. Good luck with that Marion and please tell us how to do it when you've worked it out! Linda


Yes, my prose suffers from a sever lack of occasional italicisation (didn't feel right typing that) when transfered to abctales...
Thanks Footsie. Will give it another shot when feeling stronger! Linda


That's brill FTSE :)


I have just successfully put bold text and italics in a piece (maybe a little excessive to have both in one piece but I was excited)...thank you all for your hints. The link FTSE put up is the acer. Thanks :)


Just wondering, is there any way of centring the text of a poem or story?