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this is where i post bits of writing and poems. would be great to get some feedback.

Hopefully this is the correct place to post!


Hi music88, I don't mean to be rude, but the done thing on this site is to read and comment on the work of others, which sometimes (but by no means always) attracts comments on your own work. Posting an invitation in the forums to read your work rarely attracts many readers, especially if it means that they have to follow a link. It doesn't hurt trying, of course - nothing ventured, nothing gained. This is a site for all writers, aspiring or otherwise (I reckon that writing is the hardest of all the arts to do even fairly well, so we have to stick together), and on the whole the members do their best to help each other out. This is a pretty friendly group, in my humble opinion it's the best writers' site in the world, and there's no lack of talented individuals on here. I've taken a quick look at the stuff posted on your profile, and so far I like what I see. I'll take a proper look over the next few days and I will leave comments (on here and perhaps on tumblr - they'll be simply my personal opinion, nothing nasty or harsh). At a glance it looks like the work that you've posted on your tumblr link is different from the stuff you've posted on Abc. If I were you I would post the lot on here where you'll have much more feedback from other writers. It doesn't matter if it's finished work or work in progress. We don't bite, honestly..... We're all in the same boat together here. I've been a member for almost a year now and I still struggle to get readers who like/ appreciate my work (life's a bitch, isn't it?), though I try really hard to attract them - but the positive comments I do have invariably make my day. I reckon this is the right place to get your work seen. I hope this has been helpful. The Walrus
Thank you Walrus, its not rude to say, and i definitley will strive to comment more on work i read and then as you say, hopefully that will attract people to comment on my own work. I wasnt sure if there were too many short pieces to post the lot on here? But maybe i should do instead of just giving a link to them. Thank you for your comment, i look forward to hearing about what you think, good or bad!! I will take a look at your writing and also give my opinion. Lizz
You can post as many pieces as you like, Lizz, but there's a limit of three a day.
Well put, Walrus .. Dx
Haha, no worries. I made the same mistake a month ago when I was new to the site. Everyone on here is really cool, though. You'll get very good feedback that doesn't get delivered in an asshole way. Welcome to the site!
Hey there, young TCH. An 'a** whole way' .. ??
I know .. must be getting old! Dx
I know .. not heard that expression for a long time. Now l know y! Dx
Sorry to offend!
thanks guys, yes i have started to post them up on my page now :)