How many words can a story be up to?

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How many words can a story be up to?

Just wondering how many words story can be up to on the site.
Also is it allowed to write a story in say, three part ie one part in A 2nd part in B ... etc.
Appreciate some guidance.

cleveland w. gibson
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micro fiction say 150 spaces or about thirty words. The shortest complete story I wrote was about 625 words and it was a scary one full of psychological questions. Longest about 8,000 word. Woman magazine ask for say 1200 to 1500. Other mags may limit the story to 1,000 or 1,500 words. Science fiction in America seems to vary between 2,00 and 7,500 So there you are. Decide what you are goint to write but keep the story slowing and tight. Best wishes
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hey John! i think the editors prefer it if you break a long story down into shorter chunks - makes it easier for them to read. posting one part in A, one in B etc sounds like a very sensible way to go about doing this.
Tony Cook
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To be honest, there is no real limit but it really is a lot easier if you break things down into sections - for editors and readers. I suggest that around 2,000 words as a maximum works well but it's up to you!
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