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Furred up!

Has anyone got any suggestions on how to de-fur a coffee percolator? It's been taking almost half an hour to make two cups. So I soaked the tubes of mine in lime scale remover overnight, and have just had a couple of cups of coffee and feel just a might queer.

Google. SO helpful innit? This one is particularly good and brought to you in the not-even-remotely-inimitable style of the Viz Top Tip. Crossed with a bit of Swedish. A NOTE ABOUT DESCALING 1. If you have an extremely hard drinking water, it may be necessary to descale the percolator occasionally to prevent the build up of calcium on the heating element. Calcium build up will reduce the performance of the product and if allowed to build up may damage the product. 2. The best method is to wipe the inside of the bowl and surface of the heating element clean after each use and use a soft bristle brush occasionally. 3. Do not use chemicals to remove the calcium. Lemons or vinegar provide a simple, safe gentle approach: Lemon Fill percolator to MAX (maximum water level) with water, then add the juice of 1 fresh lemon. Switch on percolator and leave for 30 minutes. Allow to cool down and rinse thoroughly. Vinegar Fill the percolator with vinegar and allow to stand for 1 hour keeping the percolator switched OFF. Thoroughly rinse afterwards. Repeat the procedure if there is a heavy calcium scale build up.
Pour in a cup of white vinegar, a lemon, and then four banana skins.

There's nothing more mind-teasing than the incomprehensible eagerly avowed -

Hey, you've just nicked my recipe for "Hot Banana Vinaigrette"
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