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I would like to refer the other writers here to Quite unusual site. Very well done. Has regular contests for text, photo's, and the like. Take a look. You might be surprised, if you've not seen it before. Like to know if you all have similar site suggestions, as well.
David Ritchie

sorry for mixup.
Thanks for that link David, NOT! Another site that spams you with fucking crap that won't go away.


Sorry, Mississippi. I have been participating for a couple of years and never received one. Didn't know. David
Yeah well I guess it depends in part on what ISP you use or what other sites you visit. I tend to get a few spam sites bombard me from time to time. I ain't taking it personal.


You take everything personal. I, however, take everthing up the a-hole.
As it happens I take very little personal, and none of it up the arse.


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