And if you were a bear...

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And if you were a bear...
Because that's what a bear would do. (Sorry, Enzo. Couldn't resist it.) ~
am glad the bears ate him ...
Body? They left a body? :) There's nothing more mind-teasing than the incomprehensible eagerly avowed - Dennett

~It's a maze for rats to try, it's a race for rats to die.~

I think these stories are sooo gratifying. It's like, "HA! Serves you right!", which isn't perhaps the most noble of reactions, but I weep for animals in that part of the world. At least they got a meal out of it, although they'll probably be killed now.
Okay, I didn't find any Bear Bile on eBay, but... What the merkin's this all about?! pe ps oid ... What is "The Art of Tea"? ... (
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