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Shapes by romyd

This is excellent.

Short, powerful, emotive and evocative. Not easy in such a short space:

Try it!

very well written for the most part, and I mean 99%, in fact I can only remember thinking, "I'd have preferred a different word there," once and even that escapes me now so it's as good as perfect. I love the detail of the cold and the description of memories I assume Romyd doesn't have. I like the angle too and even the ending (although I'm sure there are those who won't). I know it's well written because I would have tried to keep all the info until the last line and been pleased with myself- imagining the reader going... "oh right, I get it now" but it wouldn't have been as good as this. I shall be interested to see what comes next.
Thanks for reading and commenting, both. I'm glad it made an impression. :-)) And no, the story isn't based on personal experience, Ely – I'm a little too young and female!
Thank you, Emma. :-) No, it isn't part of anything larger, and I'm ashamed to say I haven't heard of The Passion. Is that by 'Jeanette' Winterson?
Fantastic stuff! Thanks for posting the extract, Emma – the book is now on my ever-growing shopping list!
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