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Anna Kournikova.

Now I know I joked about this some time ago on these threads, about Anna Kournikova and Maria Sharapova meeting head to head - so to speak - at Wimbledon, but it seems it might happen. Because the golden one is thinking of returning to the tennis circuit. Can you imagine the media hoot if they appeared in the final??? I'm going to buy shares in Kleenex.

Ah, will that be because you're crying for joy, then, styxbroox? Why do you need kleenex? *titter* John McEnroe is still my fave, hands down. They got as boring as white bread after he retired...
Have to agree with you AG. Sublime talent. BUT - Roger Federer is THE greatest player that ever picked up a racquet. He has everything, including a calm temperament to see him through those rough patches that one gets. He has spins and flicks and power drives off of both wings, and I'd murder my mother to get tickets to have seen Johnny Mac and The Fed Express play each other at the height of their powers. But I think the Swiiss would've won.


Or as I like to think of him - Go'on Eesasonofabitch.


There are many great talents who have followed in McEnroe's footsteps, doubtless; and there are some who are far more attractive! However, the best part of watching McEnroe play wasn't his tennis, per se, but his very foul mouth. God, what a hoot! I can still watch reruns of his disagreeable arguments with all and sundry, and get a laugh. What chutzpah! As far as the women go, give me the Williams sisters. Beautiful and brilliant, and neither of them need to date a second-rate singer-son of a second-rate singer, to be so!
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