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i often see adverts for the writers bureau ... and yesterday i saw one with a little quote from someone called jon eagle saying he had received a 25k advance for his novel "red" ...

i didnt really believe it so i googled ... and sure enough ... jon eagle's novel 'red' is available on amazon ...


red is publised by minerva ... well known vanity publishers ...

so ... is this advert out and out untruth? ... or has jon eagle got a 25k advance from another publisher since he vanity published 'red' with minerva ...

what do you think folks?


scroll down the page to see jon eagle trumpeting his advance!

If I had a lot of money and time, it'd be great fun to trial run and review all these sort of things. The results would be predictable, but nevertheless... Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if they turned out the occasional hit author. I still feel like the formula for a genre novel is pretty easy to learn if you've got a little natural ability, a lot of determination, and if that's your kind of thing. Then you just shop for agents and voila. You're bound to get a decent advance and a fair run at the bestseller list.
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Untruth, I reckon. 5 mins of googling reveals: minerva press went bust in 2002 after a beeb investigation into dodgy publishers. Eagle's book was first (self) published ten years ago and there is no reference that he has been picked up by a 'proper' publisher since. The fact that writers bureau still use ten year old info to plug their site says it all (and that goes for that christina woman too - she openly admits she is published by pulp-fiction) Yours, Lodov Wank


OK, I signed up for their course during the days of New Labour's 'Individual Learning Accounts' - which made it cheap for me ... I did a couple of assignments but the idea of spending my days writing letters to Woman's Own depressed me beyond belief. It's pretty bad though if their testimonies are that weak ...
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