Transparent Imprint by Michael Barnard

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Transparent Imprint by Michael Barnard

This is the book Fisher mentioned some time ago about the Macmillan New Writing imprint.

I found it a fascinating insight into the workings of a major publisher and Bernard's attempt to help more first time authors get into print. The initial arguments against the imprint seem ludicrous IMO. As it points out, all novels by unknowns are by their nature 'unsolicited manuscripts.' Just because a publisher rather than an agent, sifts through them to pick out the best, doesn't mean they're of lesser quality.

Definitely worth a read for anyone who wonders what happens to their unsolicited ms.

PS Congrats again to Fisher for having his novel taken up from the many thousands sent in (they only select 0.5%). Oh, and Rokkit, he mentions your Guardian article too...

Hi Lou2 and thanks for the mention (and the congrats).
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