Prose Poetry - What is It?

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Prose Poetry - What is It?

What is prose poetry? How is it defined?

I've read some ... I don't know what makes it prose poetry.

Is it just something that's written in prosaic prose?

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The cynical answer would be that it's prose without a story.... That 'Art that Shook the World' program says Ulysses (James Joyce) is prose poetry.... Alex
Carly Svamvour
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Well, I've been asking everybody - the way I see it, it's just poetry that's formed like a paragraph ... I dunno .... nobody seems to have a real answer It's been suggested to me that it's just a label that somebody got going and started using the term - everybody bit on it, because it's used a lot
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prose poetry is poetry, without all the markers that make it so. so it's basically prose without a story and is often faintly lyric
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