where's Nikaya999?

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where's Nikaya999?

hence the question, where's Nikaya999?

Who cares? He ain't here, and that's good enough!


Shut up mississippi. Take no notice Tyler...I do hope he has not been shut out of the site. Like rita, he is an important fixture. I miss him anyway. I thought we had come to an agreement with him Boss? We all have problems. No one is perfect, unlike some would like us to think!!lol Tai


No, I won't shut up. Jasper was the most destructive arsehole this site ever had to suffer, He's gone, kaput, finished. He was advised to behave several times but insisted on attacking anyone and everyone that he took a dislike to, including the Boss, as you put it. I don't know of ANY other 'Boss' that would have taken the persistent personal abuse that Tony did for so long. Quite apart from his behaviour here he claimed to be a man hell-bent on murder, and that in itself is sufficient to warrant his expulsion. I hope the Australian authorities were aware of his bragging here and have arrested him. Rita was much the same, though apart from her nauseating crap, was harmless in a violent way. Why she has been allowed to return defeats me, but as long as she behaves I guess she isn't a problem now. Don't kid yourself that either of them were 'fixtures' or 'important', there is no such person here and never has been. We are all just ships passing in the night, the only difference between us is that some (like them) are flying the Jolly Roger! Good riddance. I hope he gets locked up. For ever.


All I can say is mississippi, you give as much as you take. You are just as obnoxious when you want to be and have proven that time upon time. Tai


Tai, why is it that you feel that Jasper shouldn't have been banned? Do you perhaps think that he, like the rest of us was entitled to have his own opinions? If you do then why did you start your post with the words 'shut up Mississippi'? Gurning A.
Tai, It's your prerogative to like who the hell you wish, including attempted murderers, but please don't count me in with the likes of jasper. Yes, I have my say. Yes, I have my detractors. No, I have never 'bombed' any forum here with multiple threads about crap. No, I am not inarticulate. No, I have never been arrested No, i have never attempted murder (his claim not mine). No, I have never stalked anyone, man or woman. No, I have not mounted a libellous campaign against anyone, least of all the CEO of this free site. Tai, do as you preach and shut up.


Camus! I don't believe you get anywhere by locking people out. Jasper did make a valid contribution to this site. Yes he kicked off but so did so many of you here. No one can deny that. Mississippi You are the most antagonistic american I have yet to come across. You are bad mouthed just as much as Jasper...you gave as much as you got. I don't know anything about threatening murder...I must have missed that crap and glad I did. I just seem come down on the side of the underdog...Jasper and Ritawrites being two of them. I don't like bullies but I won't ignore them, I would rather try to change them. Oh and by the way...I'd like to see you try and shut me up punk!lol You have no chance what so ever. Tai


Oh and by the way...I didn't ask the question Tyler King did...why? is a thought that springs to mind. Come on Tyler you started this thread, don't be shy... Tai


Jasper was no underdog. Tai, you know he had already been banned when he reappeared as Nikaya999, don’t you? So couldn’t you just give the management the benefit of the doubt on this decision, as they were the ones who were here the whole time and didn’t miss any of that crap?
Tai, Jasper ended up on this site after being banned by UKA. I don't know whether Rita was banned or whether she simply left UKA after many warnings about her behaviour. So how come you pop up here, on a site you hardly use, in support of Jasperrita? Why don't you ask your boss on the site where you spend 90% of your time why he/she/it was banned? There again, you're probably unaware of much beyond the world of tai ... after all, anyone who thinks missi is an American is surely one line short of a cinquain.


Hello stormy...I spend so much less time at you uka than you suggest. Go suck your thumb huh! I know the score at uka and Rita left cus she wanted to. I DON'T BELIEVE IN CENSORSHIP. So you are saying he didn't contribute anything to this site. And by the way, if I had the time you seem to think I have, I would be on this site more. I do what I can. That is it. I know my view about jasper are not exactly popular, but that never stopped me from expressing my views and never will. Good night baby Tai


I think I made sense of your post, just, but what about uka banning jasper? You forgot to address that rather good point of mine. I didn't mention Jasper's contribution to this site, don't try and do a Blair on me. I didn't say you had a lot of time on your hands, I said you hardly come here - true - and spend most of your limited time at uka - true. So, quit the insults - they don't work on me 'baby' and answer my question. You didn't honestly expect to come here to stir the shit and get away with it , did you? Nighty night.


Stormy, you little squirt. I don't have to do anything. I don't have to waste my time on you at all. I see you have not quite come out at uka yet...you love hovering in the background causing trouble I have noticed. That is what cowards do imo. Go suck your thumb...ooow I insulted you again, well smack my botty!!!lol Tai


Jasper is one of only perhaps 2/3 people to have been banned, in 6 years, out of 12,000 members. It’s hardly a totalitarian set up is it?
Tai, you sad little person, firstly as Stormy says, I am not American, I am British and live a few miles outside London. Secondly, you know fuck all about jasper as indicated by your supportive posts in his favour. Thirdly, I'm reasonably sure rita was ejected from UKA or fell on her sword at the 11th hour. You are not the first person to come here from UKA waving a flag like some kind of crusader, and I doubt you'll be the last. Jasper was banned on UKA for exactly the same kind of behaviour he's been banned from here. If you REALLY want to know the depths of his shite here go look at his forum posts. He openly admitted being charged with attempted murder and openly stated that he told the police that he 'will finish the job', I think were his exact words, at the first opportunity. He IS a big-mouthed coward and in NO WAY should be allowed a voice on any site. The under-dog is not always the righteous person you know, but then I doubt you DO know. Shut you up? Why ever would I wish to do that? It's people like you that give me this superior feeling....twerp. Now why don't you just toddle back to your mates, and ask the management there who and why people were banned.


Really? He's gone? Can't imagine why.
 Ah well.


Mississippi, I may be sad and little but you are hugely pathetic and sour. My mistake, I thought being so shallow and insecure you just had to be American. I really don't give a flying kick flip for your twisted opinion. Go suck ya thumb big pathetic yob. If you are an example of being British, I am so glad I am Irish Italian. I see Tyler has not joined this degenerating debate, makes me wonder why he put up the thread. This site hasn't changed much at all. I am so glad I have little or no time for it. Jean St Say Nothing. You are obviously on the crew. I really don't know why you can't use a real user name. Tai, again stating I hate CENSORSHIP and always will. And all you babies out there who are too scared to comment. Dry your eyes, tai is now leaving the building.


Yeah, well as it happens I am a British citizen, born and bred here, BUT I am actually half Italian, and I too am so glad I am! As to 'leaving the building', there will be no need to dry anyone's eyes as I doubt anyone will be shedding tears over it. There may however be some tears of laughter.


*I thought being so shallow and insecure you just had to be American* Oh, and by the way, Tyler IS an American!


I appreciate that global-warming is taking place but late October is surely too early to hear a cuckoo?


"I see Tyler has not joined this degenerating debate, makes me wonder why he put up the thread. This site hasn't changed much at all. I am so glad I have little or no time for it." Had to come back to the above. This 'debate' as you call it Tai, degenerated after its third post. And that was by you. You are are responsible for this thread's degeneration. You may bully your way on other message boards but not here. If you can't hack people disagreeing with you ( and you can't) then it is best that you stay away. x


double 'are'? I had a a stutter.


What do you mean this creepy! oops! sorry Stormy... 'Shut up mississippi. Take no notice Tyler...I do hope he has not been shut out of the site. Like rita, he is an important fixture. I miss him anyway. I thought we had come to an agreement with him Boss? We all have problems. No one is perfect, unlike some would like us to think!!'lol oh my goodness me, I am such a bully!!!!rofl...whimps. And that explains the starting of this pathetic little thread very well indeed. Bait huh? They are not all that bad, just the white ones that live there! (that is an old Australian Joke by the way)...oops! being racist now! Jesus! Oop! being blasphamy now! Dear dear what can the matter be. Tai chi italy, don't give a flying fcuk you see! Oops! I just can't help myself...thrash me now!! Come on all you sad little men who think you're up for it!! Tai, protruding her middle finger! Daintily (NOT)lmbao Made my day actually!rofl


I love your names by the way...missi the point completely. Pesky pain in the ass and storm in a shallow tea cup...rofl


"being blasphamy now" The word is spelt 'blasphemy' actually, but in any case it's the wrong tense of the word in that context. It should be 'blasphemous'. Ok, that's your English lesson for today I thought you said a few posts up the thread that you were leaving! You also said you 'have little or no time for it', referring to site, so why do you keep coming back? You also seem to think that you're some kind of force to be reckoned with. Do us a favour for christ sake, you're nothing more than a minor irritation, on a par with a fly in the bakers shop that keeps shitting on the doughnuts. So far we've established that you can't spell, have no integrity, and conduct your conversations like a 9yr old, (yah boo sucks), so why do you visit writing sites at all? Surely you should be doing your homework.


Ooops! I'm sorry...I think I got slightly lost ...somehow I find myself at the Crèche. I was looking for a writer's site, somewhere where there is serious discussions? Does anybody know where 's its gone? Nikaya999 was banned Full Stop. From this thread, obviously the editors should have not finished there. Some people are feeling pretty brave behind their computer screens. I wander if they'd be so brave in person.... Tony, sort something out will you? Perhaps its time for an ABCtales outing or something and they should all be forced to hold hands and eat butter sandwishes!
I see we have another user suffering from a superiority complex! Pity she can't spell either. It's 'sandwiches' . 'Sandwishes' are what horny teenagers suffer from when they see bikini-clad sex objects on the beach. As it happens, I would love to see you 'wander' in the presence of bravery. As with the illiterate above, if you don't like it here or it pisses you off, go away, we won't mind.


Missi, thank you for your kind remarks...although I do not suffer from a superiority complex at all. But I'm glad you took it personally, because I really needed proof to my theory. In regards to the language issue, I'm foreign, and that shows in my writting I'm sorry that offends you, if you can read either French/Portuguese/Spanish/Italian I'd be more than happy to translate this message for you (in correct spelling). PS:I love it here, here is not the problem at all and I don't feel you should or could write on behalf of all the members of this site: 'if you don't like it here or it pisses you off, go away, we won't mind.' Unless you suffer from a multiple personality disorder and then I would understand. And if you fancy a bit of banter about writting: mine, yours or any other worthy issue, please feel free to contact me. Cheers! Soraia
I didn't take it personally, don't kid yourself, and we're ALL foreign my dear. I have no interest in your multi-lingual prowess either, I get by fine using English. It's your assumption that 'I' believe I'm writing on behalf of all the members. I write on behalf of myself, nevertheless I KNOW a certain amount of members concur with me and 'we' usually speak collectively in matters such as this. (I don't really feel obliged to list the names of those who are party to the collective). I thank you for your offer of 'banter' but I don't really think we have much to offer each other do you?


How old are you? Are you brave enough to say it? I find maturity comes with age and although I'm not quite there as I'm only 22, I have little pacience for cowardice. You want to come out with things such as 'the collective want you out', you ARE in fact obliged to name them, as you are so very brave as proclaimed above. And there is nothing more that I would like but to have 'the collective' write to me or vice versa and explain the resons as to why they/you want me out. Communication is everything. And you are right, we have nothing in common, my favourite acessory is an open mind. Right, I now have wasted enough time on this matter back to reading work! Again, it was a pleasure. Hope to see you soon. Soraia
Who said anybody wanted you 'out' as you put it? Yes, I can see your age does show through a bit. Your superiority is only matched by your persecution complex. I am not 'obliged' to name anybody or say anything I don't wish to. Your personal opinion on anything is of no interest to me. My age is no secret here. Right, I've had enough of you. I hope i don't see you again soon but something tells me that like jasper you will be persistent.


I can’t believe it, I have to laugh Missi, you are keeping Nikaya alive by arguing the way you do, I thought you wanted him forgotten. I only found this discussion because you mentioned Nikaya’s name in another post. Anyone that sticks up for Nikaya doesn’t know his history but that is no crime, we take people as we find them and if some liked his presence then that’s fine. Do you really need to put people off posting by highlighting their spelling mistakes etc. The accuracy counts most then you post work to be read not discussion points, its ignorant to comment on these mistakes...does it really matter? Are you really such a precise person that you cant read a small discussion point without being frustrated by its errors? And every member here is part of a group not some select inner circle! If you have a friendly group that make up the majority - enjoy it, but when you enter this site you should treat everyone as an equal. After all you know nothing about any of us newer ones - probably due to your persistence of staying in your inner circle. As said before I don’t let my opinion of ones action cloud my judgement, I look at work objectively, and you should not hope that you don’t hear of Soraia soon as she writes some beautiful things, that you should be encouraging. Get off your soap box and concentrate on writing, chatting, and making the world a happy place – and before you start to argue, what really is wrong with that? Try to be objective! Em (23 by the way) !
Forgotten! Heavens NO! I want him locked up in solitary confinement for the next 25years. Neither you nor SoreAss were obliged to join in, but since you choose to don't complain about the posts of others. Whether SoreAss writes anything 'beautiful' is subjective, your opinion is no more valid than mine in that respect. There's absolutely nothing wrong with writing and making the world a happier place, but this thread was started on the subject of a person that has spent a lot of time making it an evil place. The proper place for the thread should have been on Gen Dis anyway.


Missi, have you ever met Nikaya, or do you guys live near each other?im not being funny its just to me he was just a name, you seem a bit more involved.... Em.
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I was wrong about Jasper. I recently found out more than I knew at the time and I acknowledge I was wrong to humour / encourage him. Missi, you were right. However: "As with the illiterate above, if you don't like it here or it pisses you off, go away, we won't mind" I'm interested to know who 'we' are in the above, seeing as: "I KNOW a certain amount of members concur with me and 'we' usually speak collectively in matters such as this." Do they speak with you on making pathetic little puns out of people's names like you did with Soraia? Or refering to people as illiterate because of a few typos? I must have missed the part that encouraged those things in Mark's notes about using the forums. Ben.. www.thedevilbetweenus.com
Oh do come on in. All my puns are my own work. The only encouragement I get is from those that provoke me, though I do confess that my bitchiness is sometimes a little OTT.


I should have known that Tai would completely misunderstand my post. Never mind. Meanwhile, I wish she would answer my question tho' viz: Why is it acceptable to her that other sites (some of which she uses) have banned Jasper yet abctales is supposed to give him a third chance (he's had two)? She know's she can't answer this with any logical reply... which is why she descends into babyish vitriol. Still, if the internet was free of people like her and jasper and rita and all, I wouldn't be able to have my schadenfreuden chuckles. :-)


Hello again Sad ass! I am so upset!!!rofl Just thought I would pop along and wind you up missi the point completely! I have checked some of your work...core blimey, like watching paint dry! Crying with laughter Tai


Don't eat the doughnuts.


Missi, unfortunatly for you I ain't going anywhere, what you chose to think of my writting or to make of my name is irelevant and childish. I asked you two direct questions, which you failed to answer out of cowardice. As I said: Computer screen= bravery. In your case not even that! Somethings must be put right however, as you have misunderstood my posts. I was never fighting for Nikaya's corner, he should have been banned he had plenty of warnings and with your behaviour so should you. I come here to write, to read and to chat (as Em so rightly put it)! You are a bully and an old one at that and this site should not be seen to encourage that by allowing your behaviour to continue. At the age of 60 you should really have grown your rebellious stage and your need for attention, obvioulsy I was wrong to think that maturity does come with age. My apoligies. Soraia


Thread closed. This is pointless. ---- John H


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