Virtual reading - everyone's invited.

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Virtual reading - everyone's invited.

Hi everybody,

You're all invited to quite possibly the world's first virtual reading (but equally possible not as I'm sure someone must have done it before).

It's here. Hope you can make it.

Oh, please ignore the time and date given. You can view it any time you like.



Ah - why can't we edit our posts! Just seen a typo - should be 'equally possibly' - sorry. Post in haste... repent at leisure, or summert.
Just listened to it and really enjoyed it. I can see I will have to buy this book. Got to find out about the damned folder.
Hate to agree with c_c, but that was brilliant, and I'll be buying the book. Same blinds as mine, as well...
Thanks so much Cath and Dr Jekyll. I really appreciate you both checking it out and leaving such nice comments here. Glad you liked it too. Anybody here on myspace? There are quite a few writers there now.
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